Eni Entchev immigration update

This brief update on my son’s immigration situation originally appeared in my GeoHipster interview last week.

For those who may not know, last December my son was deported to Bulgaria — a country he does not remember and whose language he does not speak, but where he is “from”. We are working on bringing Eni back home. We are pursuing all possible avenues. This will be a long and complicated process. Meanwhile he has settled in Sofia, has found a job that he likes, and is making friends. He is in good spirits. We communicate via social media and chat almost daily. My son is making the most of this bizarre and unfortunate situation, and has made me proud with his ability to handle adversity.

I want to thank the hundreds of people, most of whom I have never met, for their outpouring of support for my family’s plight, and for reaffirming my faith in humanity.


2 responses

  1. Proof blogs are read! Happy to hear the positive side. I believe things happen for a reason. Even though the distance is greater between you and your son, but ask yourself has your relationship become closer? Do you both see eachother differently now? The strength, the family connection, the love that was always there but maybe with everyday life happening, it was often forgotten? Keep fighting this fight. You’re all worth it. 🙏❤

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    • Thank you. While whether things happen for a reason or randomly is open to debate, I can confirm first-hand that whatever doesn’t kill you does indeed make you stronger.


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