The case for a QGIS ICO

The best time to launch a QGIS crypto coin was five years ago. The second best time is now.

The way to fund open projects like QGIS has changed. Soliciting corporate sponsorships and individual contributions is so 2010. In 2020 crypto is here to stay. QGIS should launch its own crypto token on the Ethereum blockchain or on the Binance Smart Chain (or on both) ASAP.

The QGIS.ORG Association is incorporated in Switzerland — the “Crypto Silicon Valley” — so they are already halfway there. The tools to create and launch a token make the process so easy that anyone can do it.

I have been a QGIS user since 2010, and I love the project. I have derived value from the QGIS project, and I want to support the team. I would gladly buy and hold QGIS coins, and I imagine I will not be alone.

Just do it already!

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