The way it is

A recent invite to participate in a geo-podcast caused me to go into a long-overdue soul search about my current stage in life, particularly as it relates to my online presence. This is what I “discovered” about myself:

My interests have changed, as have my priorities. While I still make a living in GIS, that’s all it is presently — a living, not a passion. Second to family, cycling and cryptocurrency are what interests me these days, not shapefiles or PostGIS. Cycling and crypto is what I blog about, not mapping. I read fiction, not FOSS documentation. I have scaled back my social media presence — reading little, posting even less. To the extent that I do post, Strava and Instagram have all but replaced Facebook and Twitter. I no longer keep a Twitter follower count. Private communication channels have mostly replaced my public social media exchanges.

With so many things around me having changed in the last few years, I have also changed. I see this as neither good nor bad (for only “thinking makes it so”). It’s just the way it is.