The case for a QGIS ICO

The best time to launch a QGIS crypto coin was five years ago. The second best time is now.

The way to fund open projects like QGIS has changed. Soliciting corporate sponsorships and individual contributions is so 2010. In 2020 crypto is here to stay. QGIS should launch its own crypto token on the Ethereum blockchain or on the Binance Smart Chain (or on both) ASAP.

The QGIS.ORG Association is incorporated in Switzerland — the “Crypto Silicon Valley” — so they are already halfway there. The tools to create and launch a token make the process so easy that anyone can do it.

I have been a QGIS user since 2010, and I love the project. I have derived value from the QGIS project, and I want to support the team. I would gladly buy and hold QGIS coins, and I imagine I will not be alone.

Just do it already!

Keeping it interesting, two months later: My cryptocurrency adventures

A couple of months ago I started playing with cryptocurrency. Small amounts. Just for fun. I didn’t expect to get rich or anything. Two months later I report that yes, it is fun, and no, I didn’t get rich.


  • I now have cryptocurrency holdings in three denominations: XLM, BTC, and BAT. Today the combined nominal value of all my holdings is under $100.
  • Since my initial venture into crypto my holdings’ value has fluctuated up and down by about 10%. At the time of this writing I am down about 5%.
  • Moving crypto around is not free. Fees vary.
  • I still haven’t tried to cash out. I am in the process of obtaining a crypto debit card, which will allow me to spend my BTC online and offline.
  • The Brave browser (my default) lets users earn BAT by viewing ads. In just over a month, running Brave on all my devices, I have earned 22.35 BAT, valued at $4.30. In month #2 I am already up to 50 BAT, and the month is not over yet.
  • I tipped one web publisher 10 BAT.
  • Nobody has tipped me yet (other than myself, as a way of depositing BAT into my account).
  • It turns out Peter Thiel is a Brave investor. Make of this what you will.

SUMMARY: It is still interesting, like an online game — a great escape from the daily tedium. It is not a money maker (for me at least, yet). I am not planning to put fiat currency into crypto — not at this time, anyway.